Boundary Survey – Most Important Thing Before Purchasing The Land

Purchasing a land is a special and very important moment in anyone’s life. But when you purchase a land, there are many important factors which you need to locate and find out and that factor is land survey.  This is the important factor because in many cases it has been seen that there are many people who get cheated by the dealer or by the seller. That means they purchase the land that is disputed or the dimension of the property is wrongly measured.

Land survey and boundary survey is a very important process to be performed when you purchase a piece of land. This survey gives you surety that the land you purchase is completely legalized and not in dispute. And more than that, it also helps you to locate and mark each and every dimension of your land so that further no problem occurs.

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About boundary survey

Boundary survey helps the owner to determine its land establishment and also determines corners of the land. After that determined or particular area of the land is marked by the installation of fencing or by constructing the wall over that area. When boundary survey is finished, new map of that particular land is updated along with the new boundary line.

Boundary is really very important for the person to ensure the lands integrity as well as legality. Importance of the boundary survey can be determined by the following such points –

  • It gives you an idea of the exact dimension of the land that you are going to sell or buy.
  • It can also solve and identify whether the land is disputed or not.
  • This survey also shows the resources like sewers, water pipes and more.
  • This survey helps the most when you expand or rebuild the structure of building, so it helps you to do the work under your proposed land so that further no legal action or dispute occurs.
  • When buying a land this survey makes sure that you get the exact land what is rightfully yours.

How it can be done?

Survey of boundaries is conducted by the professional boundary surveyor. When choosing a land surveyor always makes sure that he/she is a licensed surveyor. However, when the survey is starting the very first approach that the surveyor takes is to find the history of the land by collecting all the legal historical documents. Resources and documents that are included in the survey are deeds, registration of land in local authorities and many other documents. After doing all the survey, they will present their report as per their view. In a report they can propose whether the land is disputed or not and if not then they present you new and updated map of the land and provide you all legal documents.


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